Livin’ La Vida Ultra

Alldeles för lättövertalad av min kompanjon i spåren, och anmälde mig med skräckblandad förtjusning till Trans Gran Canaria 2019.

De 128 kilometerna blir förstås tuffa i sig, men jag oroar mig mer för de cirka 7500 höjdmeterna, som enligt rykten numera ”bara” är kring 5500. Och så är jag bekymrad över skav. Lyckas jag träna upp mig inför loppet så jag kan genomföra det utan att vare sig gå sönder eller bli galen (eller driva min familj till vansinne), så kommer jag ha lyckats. Att komma in under 25 timmar vore najs men här får jag vara klart nöjd om jag fixar reptiderna.

Träningsupplägget blir fokus på höjdmeter och styrka, så kanske inte lika mycket på mängd mil i benen förrän mot oktober-november och framåt.

Nattturer med midnattsstart och pannlampa behövs också.

En rek-träningslägertur, kanske med familjen, kring jul-nyår, känns som en bra idé, men jag får förhandla med frugan och barnen.

Just nu är jag dock mest oroad för att min kropp inte ska klara av det. Är i uppbyggnadsfasen inför Österlen Spring Ultra 60K, och är redan slitsamt. Behöver lite bra känningar snart, inte bara ont i höft, ankel/hålfot och diverse förkylningar.

Men fasen vad jag ser fram emot detta!

RR Hven Rundt

På äventyr runt Öresunds pärla

Terränglöpning i Skåne bjuder inte på berg, men många fina vyer och härliga stigar. Ön Ven, mitt i Öresund, är mest känt för cykelutflykter på sommaren. Den här dagen blev det traillöpning. Jag och Johan, min wingman, tog färjan över från Landskrona klockan 10:00. Det var en gråmulen lördagmorgon och regnet som smattrat mot fönstret vid frukosten började lägga sig. Vindbyarna lugnade sig också, så pass att det nästan var spegelblankt på sjön när vi ankom Bäckviken. Ven visar sig dock lika opålitlig som ett fjäll.

Ankommer Bäckviken

Men det tänkte vi inte på då. Jag och ett gäng turister från Kina tittade istället på de branta fallen som är så karaktäristiska för ön. Får erkänna att jag hade lite fjärilar i magen. Vi visste inte exakt hur långt det var runt ön, eller hur framkomlig terrängen var, så det var inte helt säkert att vi skulle hinna med färjan tillbaka – två timmar och tio minuter senare. 

Och vad skulle vi ta oss till om någon av oss råkade snubbla och skada sig? Insikten att vi var strax utanför komfortzonen kittlade.  Fortsätt läsa ”RR Hven Rundt”


Gjorde en översikt på var några av mina manusprojekt är:

The Day Before the Dead (co-written original feature, zombie/action)

100 %


The Hitman Chronicles (original feature, thriller)

35 %



Dead and Alive (original feature, zombie/thriller)

27 %



There Was (original feature, aftermath)

40 %



Svenska Jakttorn (bok; text)

40 %



Svenska Jakttorn (bok; bilder)

10 %



Högvakten (action/krig)

3 %


Förutom dessa finns en antal kortfilmsmanus som är mer eller mindre färdiga. När tid och tillfälle ges ska ovanstående slutföras. ”Ska bara…”

About citizenship

I read a piece by screenwriter/App-maker John August’s blog on citizenship, ”Year of Citizenship”. It’s about caring and engaging in the community, in the nation and the world – and John’s journey to re-earn his scout badge merit awards on this topic.

The word itself is indeed beautiful: citi-zen-ship, a ship of Zen, carrying citi’s (whatever that is, but on such a ship I bet it has positive karma!).

He has the checklist for each of the badges here. It all looks very boy scouty (hey, I too was a boy scout once!) with a tone of genuine intent of being a better person over it. Very unlike Special Agent Oso’s Digi-badges I’ve endured together with my youngest daughter.

But looking closer, I found this under the Citizen of the World merits, point 7:

Find a news story about a human right realized in the United States that is not recognized in another country.

While a useful exercise, my suggestion to John is to raise the stakes and add one more checkpoint:

Find a news story about a human right realized in a foreign country that is not recognized in the United States.

This would go well with his intentions of his exercise: ”[…]it can serve as a useful compass to point where you want to go.”.
Remember John: the compass will only get you in a general direction. The journey will become less relative and more relevant if you also learn where you are on the human rights map.

An interesting place to start for US citizens is the Wikipedia entry ”Human rights in the United States”, under a parent/guardian’s supervision of course!

I applaud John for taking up on this journey and will follow his steps on his blog. I hope it inspires a lot of people to learn and engage in their local community, in their nation and in the world.

Rewrite done. On to the next project.

It took about a month and a half to make the necessary changes and re-writes to the feature ”The Day Before The Dead” project, but naturally not as long counted in man-hours. A lot of procrastination has taken place, but I must admit that the Celtx Studio update notification did give a spur – everytime my co-writing partner made an update I got an email telling me so. It did add to motivation.

Now the script is send to a couple of friends for feedback – but also to a producer, who has promised to read it. Hopefully he’ll get back with his thoughts in about a month. It does take time to read through a whole set of +100 pages, although it is widely spaced and uses 12pt Courier font. I’m not sure the producer will actually read it all, but any professional review is warmly welcome, even if it’s just a quick read of the first 10 pages.

It feels great to be ”done” with the script. Yes, it can improve in so many ways, but after living with a script for a long time, well, a breath of fresh air is needed. I’m now into some other creative projects; another script about a newspaper journalist and a hitman, with the project title ”The Hitman Chronicles”. I’ve also started to toss an idea for a book about hunting architecture. I’m hoping a good friend and photographer will help me out with the latter, he has shown a real interest so I think it can turn out to the real deal. At the moment it’s a mixture of a leisure/coffeetable- and guideline book. We’ll see what gives.

To-do list

Things to do some day

  • Walk the Pyrenees
  • Visit the Tour de France
  • Revisit Tuscany
  • Buy/build a retreat in the Alt Maestrat area
  • Write and sell a screenplay
  • Start my own company
  • Read more books
  • Travel without a pre-determined destination
  • Learn another language
  • Hunt for Elk in Canadian forests
  • (Placeholder for more ideas)

Älgjakten 2010

I’m back from the forest. No moose got injured or killed on my watch, which unfortunately means I don’t have any meat to go with all the chantarelles I picked, at least not yet…

Solen skiner i skogen

The moose hunting premiere (it’s date- and time regulated hunting season in Sweden) was this last Monday. The day before me and a friend had a camp setup, meaning a small tent and an outdoor fireplace. As the night came it went down below freezing temperatures, a lot less than anticipated. I had a shivering fit all night, teeth clappering and no real sleep. Well, we were supposed to get up quite early anyway so I ignored the shivers as much as I could.

I put the frozen clothes on and stealthily (ahem..) took my position around 06.30, biting my lip. Just before the sun finally broke over the ridge at ~08:00 I thought I was going to loose some fingers or toes, but the sun beams literally saved me. Come mid day and I was feeling terribly numb, body and mind. I thought, ”Well, that’s what you get after an icy night with no sleep” and ironed it out. My friend gave me an aspirin and I got about an hour of siesta. That, and a warm cup of coffee got me going for the remaining afternoon pass.

Brasan värmerWhen the sun finally went down the chills appeared again. I decided to go to my in-laws house about half an hour drive away instead of staying in that tent again.

Good move. It turned out I had a +38,5°C/101.3°F fever! I slept through most of the Tuesday and thanks to my caring wife I quickly became fever free.

Already on Wednesday I could enjoy being outdoors again, and I think it was one of my best hunting days ever, save not shooting a moose! The weather was crisp and clear. I got both a feeling of natural serenity (it’s a high!) and some pure adrenaline with deer in sight (not to shoot, though), wild boar screams/squeals nearby (It’s a thriller! Must be experienced!). Awesome.Utsikt från passet

The clock was counting down to sunset at 18.04 when it is no longer allowed to hunt moose. On Monday it was not ticking fast enough, on Wednesday it was ticking too fast. I didn’t want to leave my pass. It was so beautiful. The cold didn’t bother me and there was so much happening, yet it was all peaceful.

If it wasn’t for my wife’s SMS-text saying she now had caught the fever and chills, I would probably not leave for some hours.

Kantareller, i massor

At times I turned on the radio, just to hear the neighbouring team quabble about a calf that someone shot at and then couldn’t find. Poor bastards, in many dimensions.

One of my worst-, my least- and best days in my life, in a row.

Back to civilization again. Not as cold, not as exciting.